ALL Heian Canada’s pre-owned inventoried machines must be sold. Most machines are under power, ready for you to "kick the tires".  This is a fantastic opportunity for your company to invest in late model machines at a fraction of the price.

See Vacuum pump sale below.


Model: KT-MB-34/15-300-1000S

3 Lay up Trays 3400x1500

Location: Canada




1999 Wemhoner 2000 Membrane press

Price: call for pricing

Heian Canada

2000 Shoda NCW516-2472

Call for pricing

Twin 10’ x 7’ Tables

2—16HP 18,000 RPM spindles with 16 position ATC’s— 0-90 rotation

Servo head spacing— 450Min-1625Max

60m Rapids

Fanuc Windows 180i control

2—10hp vacuum pumps


2006 Heian EG-231


2004 Shoda Platinum

Make an Offer

Spindle #1 & #3—16HP with 10 position ATC

Twin Table 12’ x 5’ (3400X1600)

Spindle #2 & #4 — Drill unit

40HP Dekker vacuum Pump

Fanuc Windows control

Location: Toronto. ON

New 2020 Limtech Gemini 510

Starting price $76,500 USD

Quincy QSV-40 vacuum pump

 Call for pricing — (416) 951-9505

40hp vacuum pump

Totally rebuilt in 2016

Good condition

Location: Eastern Canada - Delivery extra

High Tech two sided spray booth X 2

Make an offer

Location: Toronto, ON



New 2020 Limtech Centaurus 510

Starting at 55k USD for a 4x8

1997 Heian ZR-442PF-R4-2616W

Call for Pricing—(416) 951-9505

Twin  2600mm X 1600mm Tables

Stroke 6000mm X 1900mm X 250mm

30m/min rapid X axis / 24m/min Y axis

4 X BT35 15HP Spindles

4 X 3HP Piggyback Spindles

Fanuc 15MB Control

Location: USA

Delivery and installation extra

25 HP Dynaseal TRO400S




To convert to 575 Volt add $1,700.00

Low hours—less than 1000

Location: Canada

Viet Opera 5-3.3 SLL Sander

Call for pricing—416-951-9505

2014 Viet Opera 5-3.3 SLL Sander

460V/65A 3 Ph

S/N 5810171

Located in Toronto

Working condition


1999 Shoda 516 Pallet Changer

Make an offer

2 x 102” x 63” Tables

4 X 16HP BT30 quick change spindles

5 X 5HP BT20 quick change piggyback spindle

Fanuc control

Location: Ontario


New FMT Patriot 3 Axis CNC

 Request a quote

4'x4' Model Base Price: $31,000 USD

4'x8' Model Base Price: $36,000 USD

5’x10’ Model Base Price: $39,000 USD

The FMT Patriot is the absolute best value today in New CNC Routers. Some of the highlights include AC Brushless Servo Motors, Ball Screw Drives on all the Axes, one piece welded and stress relieved steel, and a Fagor Industrial Controller which is generally found on machines in the 100K and up range. Built from scratch in Colorado there are no comparable's for this machine in this price range. 

1999 Shaw Almex membrane press

* 2 loading trays

* Year of construction is 1999

Location: Delivery / installation / training extra

DMS 5 Axis CNC

 Pricing starts at $175,000 USD

5 Axis

Single and twin table

Customs machines sizes available.

Call for details

Call for pricing

2003 x 2 Holmag Edge Banders with returns

Call for Pricing

Return and pushers to automate the leading of parts.

Location: Eastern Canada - Delivery / installation / training extra

Ready to ship

2002 Shaw Almex press

Call for pricing

MODEL: TL6-64-128OST

oversized plate and beds

Two tables — 138"x64"

Black Brothers adjustable pins tables

Located: Eastern, Canada

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Late model Advanced Technology at these prices is almost "to good to be true".  These machines will be offered on a "first-come-first-serve" bases so don't hesitate to contact us. 



Dave Haire
Heian Canada, Inc.

P:(416) 951-9505

Oakville, ON Canada  Web:

40 hp Travaini Vacuum pump sale

Reg. Price $24,495 USD— sale price $21,995 USD

12.4 HP VTLF Becker vacuum pump “New”

Reg. Price $9,963 USD— sale price $8,825 USD


Benz aggregate sale—call for pricing


Tool Holder—HSK—BT sale—See Web specials

Twin 8’ x 5’ Tables

8 Tool positions with four floating heads

Siemens Vacuum pump

Located: Eastern, Canada


1998 CMS R8 — NC-PF122-R8

Make an offer

Shaw Almex vacuum press

Make an offer

Details coming soon

Location: Eastern Canada

Call for pricing

Coming soon!

Shoda CNC twin table

Limtech Cemtaurus

(1) 5x12 table

(1) 15hp HSK63F spindle w/ 8 position ATC

(1) 9 spindle drill block

(1) 40hp Dekker vacuum pump

Fanuc 210i control, Drives and servo

Location:  Canada

Loading / Delivery / installation extra


Centaurus 510 shown (4x8 available starts at $55k)

12hp HSD spindle

5’ x 10’ matrix table with locator pins

8 position ATC with automatic tool length measure

9 vertical spindle independent drill block

15hp vacuum pump / Full set of tool holders

Delivered to Toronto and installed: $78,000 USD


Best sellercid:B3B360AC-6787-4D36-8DA6-667CE572B97Dcid:8249ADD8-8FF9-42DB-BC65-D8C83AED9CA6

2000 Schelling Panel Saw

Model 2000 FM-H 430/410

Cuts 14’ Panel

Machine is in good condition

Location: Ontario, Canada

Delivery / installation / training extra

Table (2) 63” x 102” (1600 x 2600)

Spindle #1 & 3 18hp HSK63F with 24 position ATC

Spindle #2 & #4 16HP 30,000 RPM

40P Vacuum Pump

Fanuc windows control

Location: Toronto, ON

2000 Shoda NCW163-3056