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Heian Canada

High Speed Routing


6_1_2.JPG (21472 bytes)Major developments in machine, tooling and CAM technology are making High Speed Routing (HSR) a reality for manufacturers.

With HSR technology it's possible to route considerably faster, and produce highly accurate contours with an excellent surface finish. This new machining approach will reduce lead times, optimal batch sizes, and stock.


Heians' 50+ years of experience in CNC Routers has been crucial in realizing the benefits of high speed manufacturing.

High tech design solutions are created and tested at the Miyakoda Research Institute, opened by Heian in 1996, where new machine designs undergo dynamic analysis to achieve the greatest degree of balance, rigidity, and long-term high performance.

High Speed Machine Options

EG, ER, SR, NC, HR, ZR and UR models are capable of rapid feeds of 60 and 100 m/min respectively, and 40+ m/min maximum cutting feeds without loss of definition or surface finish.

Customers have the choice of single or twin table models, with table sizes from 1500 x 800 mm, to the popular 2600 x 1600 mm or 3,100 mm and upwards!

Maximum efficiency

One example of a high volume machine for kitchen Doors, features five ATC spindles, 30,000 rpm ceramic bearings, independent Z axes and tool change functions, eight tool positions, and twin tables each 3,100 x 2,100 mm with a staggering 1,440 cu.m/hr suction, enabling the smallest parts to be clamped instantly, without problem, at the start of the machining cycle.

Cycle times for a kitchen door with a single tool path are under 40 seconds, and complex 3 tool Shaker doors can be produced in two minutes.

Non-stop production

The twin table model machines five components simultaneously on each table, or five sets of parts, within each 620 x 2100 mm zone. One table can be charged while the other is mid-cycle.

Fixtures can be eliminated by the use of vacuum pads, again reducing down-time.

ATC spindles can also change while another is mid-cycle.

Output of the Shaker doors on this machine is realistically about 1000 doors per shift, or 1500 traditional doors.


Noise and dust is minimal. The machines are enclosed with the operator some metres away. The acoustic enclosure, isolating the machining zone, includes Key interlocked access doors, providing effective protection, and full accessibility for the occasional setting and maintenance procedures, satisfying both the European Safety Directive, and Users demands for good accessibility. Visibility is also excellent.


In addition to complying with CE standards, Heian are also ISO 9001 quality certified.

IT Compatibility

The new large twin table UR, features the Fanuc 160i controller, complete with a large 14" touch screen type colour LCD, with graphic simulation, dual processing independent NC and PC boards, complete with a Microsoft Windows PC, Ethernet communications and an optional Modem if desired.

Heian confirm many variations on the above configuration are available, affordable, and tailored to your requirements!

Lower product costs

High speed routing is one of the main areas of interest in CNC Routing today, resulting in cycle times and product costs both being cut. The high speed router will typically operate up to four times faster in terms of actual cycle times, compared to conventional machines. Add to that the increased up-time with Heian's renowned reliability, and you have a winning combination.

Greater Design potential

With High Speed Routing, more design details can be incorporated (eg., sharp corners, smaller radii, carved effects) which would otherwise be uneconomic to produce.

However, while HSR obviously offers the opportunity to manufacture furniture components quicker, there is much more to this technology than just buying a new machine and operating at higher spindle and feed speeds.

Efficient Control

As well as the need for specially developed CNC Routers or Machining Centres, (designed for efficiently operating at high spindle speeds, feed rates, rapid traverse, rapid spindle selection, quick tool changing, etc.,) consideration also has to be paid to the CNC Controls, tooling, and cutting strategies.


An essential key for a successful high speed routing operation is an equally powerful CAM and DNC system. Without this, the investment may fail to produce the benefits.

Cutting tools

The capability of cutters can restrict machining speed. However, a variety of cost effective high speed cutters are now available, (including special carbide, PCD, multi flute spiral tools, etc., with stronger bodies, sharper tips, greater stock removal at higher feed rates and with lower wear rates) which are highly recommended to facilitate the application of HSR.

Spindle and tool holder accuracy are important, since any inaccuracy will result in radial eccentricity as the tool rotates. This causes vibration, noise, heat, a poorer surface finish, and reduced tool life.

Investment Adopting

HSR requires a higher investment compared to conventional Routers. However, as a growing number of Heian's high speed router customers have found, HSR lives up to its claims, significantly reducing manufacturing costs and lead times, improving quality, added value, and increased competitiveness with higher margins.

To ensure the investment produces the returns expected, a thorough understanding of the technology is recommended. Heian provide the training and technical know-how, not just in specifying the right machine, but also in tooling, and CAM software.

Heian have developed expert partnerships, to provide the complete professional solution.

We hope you can benefit from Heian's products and service too. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and invite you to contact us, or any of our partners worldwide, today.

Please do not hesitate to request a quotation for a specific model, or a customized proposal according to your specific requirements.

For additional information call Heian Canada at 416-951-9505 



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